Although we are able to engage the clients we work with on a direct basis, our preference is to work with foreign immigration agents, consultants and attorneys when sourcing foreign workers for the U.S. employers we represent.  Because we do not provide immigration services, and because we are not an immigration services provider, we encourage the worker’s professional immigration representatives to remain involved in the dialogue with us for each worker they represent.

For some official details on how the employment-based Green Card process works, please follow this link to the U.S. Department of State’s website:  U.S. State Department (EB3 Visas)

Doing so allows for an easier exchange of information (we only have to explain something to the agent once, while they may have to explain the same thing many times to each of their firm’s immigration clients).  It also helps the foreign workers prepare for their consular interviews when they can consult with, and receive counsel from, their professional immigration services provider (because we are not allowed to provide legal counsel or any form of immigration advice to the foreign workers we work with), and it also helps to reduce any communication gaps we might otherwise have (if the foreign workers are not able to communicate with us in English).

Since the sponsoring employers we’re working with typically have more jobs available, when combined, than we’re able to fill with the foreign workers we have in our pipeline at any given time, we’re always on the lookout for productive relationships with immigration service providers and professionals who may be seeking an opportunity to help their clients immigrate to the United States.

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