In a joint memo issued recently by the U.S. Department of Labor and USCIS, these federal agencies acknowledged that the United States is suffering from a "chronic shortage" (words actually used in their memo) of Registered Nurses. As a result, they have developed a preferential job category, referred to as the "Schedule A" list of jobs, which allows anyone who possesses a nursing degree/license to bypass the labor certification process required in most other employment-based Green Card cases -- so that the entire immigration process for this select group of workers can be fast-tracked.

Working with prospects who are already licensed nurses, and who either have an advanced degree, or at least a few years of employment experience as a nurse, will allow us to do what we already do for each of our unskilled workers -- arrange for them to receive a qualifying offer of employment, and then help their sponsoring employer complete the paperwork so that the workers can receive their Green Cards -- without having to wait for the Labor Certification process to be completed; because a job offer made by a sponsoring employer that has a Schedule A job available is automatically exempt from the recruitment activities which are required in standard employment-based cases.

If you are a licensed nurse, we can make extremely quick work of matching you with a nursing job that is ideally suited to your specific skills, education and training, and we can do so as quickly as just a few weeks’ time in the majority of cases. Then, after you have already begun working here, we can help your sponsoring employer complete and file the paperwork required by USCIS so that you can receive your Green Card without having to leave the U.S. to complete this process.

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