Job Seekers

Whether you are already living in the United States as a lawful temporary resident on a non-immigrant visa, such as a student visa, a visitor visa, or otherwise, or if you are currently residing abroad, the EB-3 Visa Program can help you get your Green Card.  Other than being generally admissible to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, the only requirement for you to receive your Green Card will be for you to receive and accept an offer of fulltime, permanent employment that you are willing, available and qualified to do from a qualified U.S. employer.

Your sponsoring employer will do most of the work involved in helping you and your family members obtain your Green Cards; your only task will be to find and accept a qualifying job offer from such an employer.  Your acceptance of a qualifying job offer will require you to fulfill a long-term employment commitment to the U.S. company that sponsors you; but keep in mind that you will receive your full, unconditional Green Card even before you can actually begin working for them.

Here is a snapshot of the tasks your sponsoring employer must complete before you’ll be able to receive your Green Card:  Labor Certification Summary

Employer must ensure the job position meets the criteria for the EB-3 visa program.

Employer must complete a Labor Certification application on foreign worker’s behalf.

Employer must ensure the job position meets the criteria for the EB-3 visa program.

Employer must ensure that they comply with applicable foreign labor certification guidelines.

Employer must submit ETA Form 9089 to the Department of Labor.

Employer is notified of the determination by the Department of Labor.

As an unconditional Green Card recipient, you will possess all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that are granted to all lawful permanent residents of the United States as soon as you arrive here to begin this new chapter in your life; so as long as you are able to balance your long-term, fulltime employment commitment to your sponsoring U.S. employer with the other aspects of your new life in America – which is known as the Land of Opportunity -- then you will be free to engage in any extracurricular pursuits you may desire, such as completing any educational goal you may have, or possibly starting a part-time entrepreneurial endeavor of your own.

From the data provided by the U.S. Department of State, we know that thousands of qualified offers of employment are made and accepted each year by foreign workers who immigrate here as permanent residents to fill a job position at a U.S. company that has been unable to find a sufficient number of available U.S. workers to meet their staffing requirements.

EB3 DIRECT can help you find such a qualifying job offer from many of the U.S. employers we’re already working with, who are in desperate need of finding additional workers to fill multiple job positions that are currently available at their companies.  Contact us today to learn more about the U.S. companies we’re working with, and the job options they need to fill.