If you are struggling to find a sufficient number of qualified, available, motivated U.S. workers to fill all of your entry-level job positions, or if you are challenged with excessive employee turnover, or you find yourself being overly tasked with HR functions as a result of the “revolving door” of new hires and a stream of short-term workers, then the EB-3 Visa Program could be the long-term staffing solution you have been looking for.

This employment-based Green Card option was designed and implemented with U.S. employers like you in mind.  Its primary intent is to help small U.S. companies flourish by reducing the recruitment costs, excessive time requirements and other friction caused by having too few workers for the job positions your company needs to fill, and by helping you develop a sustainable position of profitability (which is good for the overall economy) by supplying you with qualified, committed, enthusiastic workers who will be required to make a long-term employment commitment to you in exchange for your assistance to them in the fulfillment of their immigration goals.

But please keep in mind, this is anything but an immediate staffing solution.  It’s likely to take a while, sometimes as long as a few months, to hire anyone under provision of this employment-based Green Card program.  And as the sponsoring employer, you must first complete a short list of tasks to comply with guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Labor (we do this work for you, at no cost to you or your company) before being authorized to make a qualifying offer of employment to any of the foreign workers we may introduce to you.

But the payoff for the lag time is that any such workers we do introduce to you are certain to be among the most loyal, committed, enthusiastic, and highly qualified workers you have ever had the pleasure of employing.  In exchange for receiving an offer of fulltime, permanent employment from your company, these foreign workers will be obligated to make a long-term employment commitment to work for you. And they must succeed in meeting your ongoing performance standards, or else they’ll jeopardize their Green Card status; which means these workers will be on their best behavior while in your employ.

Imagine not having to focus so much of your company’s time, effort and expense dealing with ongoing recruitment, staffing and HR tasks which are incidental to – maybe even inhibitive of -- your company’s primary revenue generating activities.  Imagine being able to accurately predict how many workers you can rely upon to show up at work next week, next month or even next year.  Imagine what it would be like to employ a reliable, enthusiastic, motivated workforce comprised of highly qualified people who have a lot riding on their long-term success as your exemplary employee. And compare all of that to the countless hours and frustrations you, your front-line managers and department supervisors have had to deal with over the past year or more as a result of not having a reliable workforce.

If you honestly believe the recruitment, staffing and HR functions you’ve previously utilized are likely to have markedly different, and better, results today and in the future, then the EB3 Visa Program isn’t going to be a good fit for you.  It takes longer than you, or the workers we’ll introduce to you, would like for these workers to receive their Green Cards and be eligible to start working for your company; and there are some incidental costs (you’ll be required to run a couple of Sunday newspaper ads in the local newspaper to fulfill the Department of Labor’s recruitment requirements).

But other than completing the required recruitment activities specified by the DOL (which we perform on your company’s behalf), and other than filing a simple form with the U.S. immigration authorities so that these workers can receive approval of their Green Cards, no other interaction of any kind will be required between you and any agent or agency of the federal, state or local government.  There are no after-the-fact wage and hour tracking or reporting requirements, and you will not even be allowed to offer any supplemental or additional employment benefits or special accommodations to any of the foreign workers you may hire (because the DOL and USCIS strictly forbid a U.S. employer from unfairly disadvantaging prospective U.S. workers, which means that the foreign workers MUST be treated in all respects exactly the same as their U.S. counterparts --- which is good news for the employers, since this means you won’t be tasked with any extra paperwork, government reports, or compliance functions).

EB3 DIRECT can help you find as many highly qualified, enthusiastic, motivated foreign workers as you may require to fill your entry-level or unskilled jobs (those jobs requiring less than two years of previous employment experience, and no specialized education or credentials).  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your company’s ongoing staffing challenges, and reduce employee turnover in the jobs that are hardest for you to keep filled.  You’ll be glad you did!